Monday, February 17, 2014

This is my new, and only, blog

I tried running three blogs for a while, splitting my life and writing into three areas.  The idea was that people reading triathlon posts (on this blog) probably didnt care about my thoughts on photography (over here on pmacimagery) and no one probably cared about my general theories on life and everything here at the mineshaft gap.

Whilst a good idea in theory it didnt work.  Why? Well I think that dividing my life into neat, discrete, and separate spheres for the past three years was necessary to get some control but overall actually diminished me, I lost focus and while one part of my life did ok (triathlon) the rest pretty much died.  Anyway, my family and my life are now coming together out here in the world and I'm going to reflect that on the net too.  The first sign of that will be the reunification of my blogs. And hopefully some more writing!

I spent a few days trying to figure out which blogs to keep and which to kill.  The other two, pmacimagery and mindshaft gap are old, got deeper histories, more followers etc and so one of them would appear the obvious blog to keep and this one, with 4 posts, bugger all views, no followers an obvious candidate for the gas chamber.  In the end I decided to do the opposite, kill the two older blogs and keep this one.

Ive done that for two reasons:

a) it was easier than trying to chose between the other 2 and

b) whilst the other two were always pretty tightly focussed, the notion of 'going down swinging' is really general and sums up my new approach to life.

So thats it - this blog is going to live on, its going to grow, its going to have a lot of content that some readers that stumble upon it from the various sphere's of my life will love, hate or worse, be indifferent to but I dont care.  It will be me, whole and entire.  Because you know what, we are all going to die, there's bugger all we can do about it but we can all go down swinging!

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