Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 A new new beginning

Ok, a new year and a time for resolutions.  Being a engineer and management type I cant help but try and make a few resolutions and treat them like KPIs. Actually I do think that's a good idea because the great failings of resolutions are that they either impossible to track or far to easy to miss, either way we are easily tempted to drop them and move on.

So, by and large my resolutions are measurable and designed to be achievable.  More than anything I just have to be consistent and pay attention.

Also, I acknowledge that my resolutions are kind of selfish.  They are all about me.  I havent made resolutions to change the world, bring joy and happiness to others, heal the sick or feed the hungry.  That doesnt mean these arent good things or that I wont try and do (some) of these things.  Its just that when it gets down to it I see New Years resolutions as a great example of my Rule 1 for life - the oxygen mask theory.  I discuss this more here later but in short I firmly believe that until you look after yourself (ie put your own oxygen mask on) you cant be any use to others.

So, with that longish introduction, here's my New Resolutions for 2015:

1.  Add another 1000 photos to my Alamy account for stock photos for sale (currently got 447, so the target is 1447).

2. Drop my weight to 85 kg in time for Roth (in July) and keep it their until the end of 2015.  My weight is now 103kg.  So 18kg to drop in 26 weeks - tight but doable.

3.  Go swimming train AT LEAST once a week.

4.  Ride AT LEAST 250 km a week.

5.  Run AT LEAST 40 km a week.

6.  Get AT LEAST 7 hrs sleep a night.

7.  Get my motorbike licence and buy a scooter.

8.  Learn some German.

9.  Get rid of some piece of crap out of the house a week to simply my life and stop stuff getting in the way.

10.  Keep track of all this and keep my progress public via this blog.  So I'll define the week as Monday to Sunday and I'll be updating this every Sunday and/or Monday night.

So there it is - join me next week to see how I'm going.

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