Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tri Training Diary Week 1

Challenge Roth behind me and it didn’t go great.  I’ll write more about that another day.  However, failure makes us look at ourselves harder than success and I’ve been looking hard at myself.  Part of that was looking back at my plans for the start of the year and realising I didn’t make it past the first week of January without ‘failing’.  Still, its only August so still time to make a strong finish and set up for the future.

One of the things I had promised myself (and the odd bot and/or Russian malware coder that skims blogs at random it seems – still not complaining it boosts page views) was that I would blog more regularly.  But what on?  Then a brain wave, I keep a training diary, I’ll blog that.

Don’t worry, its not my (pitifully small and slow) numbers, just my quick thoughts about the day.  The idea isn’t that I’ll have any great insights into how to be a great triathlete, rather I’ll give people a small glimpse into what it takes for a fat forty something with a full time job and a family to try and do this crazy sport and what goes on inside my head.

So here goes (taken directly from my training notes):

Week 1 – 10 Aug to 16 Aug

Weekly Goals:

Just get through the week, do the training – minus the swim (not quite ready for that yet).


First commute to work on bike in over 3 months.  Where have my legs gone and what are these flabby sausage things below my hips?  Still, I’d forgotten how seriously good this commute is for training – need more.  First ride back, and a flat, really, you’re kidding me!


Obviously a week of firsts in week 1 but first squad running session in, God, months I guess.  

Ok, so I know that I’ve been secretly avoiding any sort of intensity for months but now I can’t run 200m repeats?!?  I did an ironman a month ago but now I feel like a total noob.  Brain understands but soul is hurting.


Not quite the day I wanted but not a total loss, trainer not actual commute.  

But, getting more and more excited by this journey – that cant be bad.  Got to control the need for instant gratification in training, diet and life – got a long way to go, keep faith.


Strange, really, really hungry today.  But curiously kind of enjoying it, found myself with some weird self talk.  Got to be careful here and stay aware, control is a great thing, but can be tricky.

Run in evening was good – did the program, not sensational, not special but exactly what I’m supposed to do.


Real nothing day but that’s ok, Fridays are programmed that way.

Went to the gym today for a super gentle workout, not really trying to improve strength rather a) maintain the daily habit of exercise b) get the hell out of the office for a while and c) let my body (mostly my wrist) and weights have a quick coffee and chat before they start getting really intimate.


Back to Beach Rd for the first time in ages – when Beach Rd is all you ride you forget how great it is, a few months away is a cool reminder.  Ride went in three ‘bits’.  1.  Slow commute/warm up through the city to Port Melbourne, 2. A pretty solid push to Mordi and back.  3. A quick break and then a sprint home.  

Nice ride.


Whats worse than riding up hills? Running up them!  Felt every kg I want to lose every step.  Got through it, made the time, glad its over.

Weekly Summary.

One week in and already training is disrupted but did a good job of staying on track and still hitting my marks.  Brad reckoned I had to much ‘connectedness’ letting problems in one space infect other spheres.  Maybe he was right, this week I felt training feeding my life rather than life draining training, got to keep that going.

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  1. Pete, I love your definition of failure: Completed Roth Challenge despite body protesting to stop following a training program interrupted by injury. In contrast, I planned to do Cairns this year but pulled out when my mate couldn't make it. Instead I have done a short course tri and the following max individual distances 15km run, 95km ride, 800m swim. Just finished my burger at Nando's instead of going for a run. Grab some perspective, don't be so hard on yourself and enjoy the journey. Hope to catch up soon.