Monday, August 24, 2015

Training Diary: week 2

Week 2 and its going well – people seemed to have enjoyed my post last week so here’s some more, (taken directly from my training notes – plus a couple of photos):

Week 2 – 17 Aug to 23 Aug

Weekly Goals:

Adaptation week so effort will be down a little iaw plan.  My goal is to start swimming, make the commute more regular – small dreams I know.


Didn’t last one day.  Domestic issues meant I couldn’t ride into work today – damn you life….  Program called for a light spin only so really no biggie but still frustrating.

Jumped on the trainer for a session in afternoon.  Its hot, smelly and uncomfortable in my little study.  OTOH I did get to watch the replay of the Tigers pasting the Suns so some good came of it.


Another very light weights session – still secretly ashamed of missing swimming.  Funny, I can go days not even thinking about my wrist but any kind of weight work brings it quickly back into focus.  Being extremely (overly?) cautious.

Super quiet run session – very happy overall though, why?  Because while I only had to run 60 min, I really did run 60 minutes, not 55.  Its so easy to cut a short session even shorter isn’t it?  Also did run ‘easy’ but speed increasing from tectonic to glacial.  Am I getting fitter or is it just that I refuse to be a total slug at the Tan around people I know?


Commute in and out happened and was fantastic – cant believe how much difference a week made.  I did change bike from my alloy pub bike to the italian carbon temptress but still.

(Later investigation revealed the pub bike rear wheel is out of true and brakes are rubbing – some of last weeks lack of speed explained).

Getting more and more confident, only now realising how spooked I was after coming off all those months ago.  Finished the ride in the dark and frankly the end couldn’t come soon enough.


Was terrified of today’s run – a 30 minute challenge.  Then realised it was sub maximal, 85ish % of max.  Actually went well beyond this spending most of the 30 minutes hovering around 90% but held it together and wasn’t a wreck at the end.
Exactly the sort of training I would (could) never do on my own – simply not enough self motivation/discipline.  Thats why I need coaching and training mates – luckily got them. 


Nothing – only swimming.  Oh, didn’t go again, I AM SO SOFT!


So far running has gone ok.  My riding is going gangbusters.  Today is a bit of both with a ride,run,ride,run combo.  Results mixed.  Overall over invested on the bike, leaving me in debt when runs started.  Lesson: just because you can drive the bike harder sometimes just don’t!

Oh, nearly forgot, second lesson from this session.  When transitioning from ride to run take your bloody helmet off!  Thanks Steve for saving me some serious embarrassment.   


Rest day – but strangely not excited.  Just coming back and haven’t ‘earnt' it yet.  Also Friday was such a non day.  Still, don’t ignore the program, rest.

OTOH, even without training a little ‘incidental’ exercise would be fine (wouldn’t it?).  Lazy ride across town to South Melbourne markets.  Very relaxed, even stopped to take a few photos and wore my trakky dax instead of lycra.  First time back on the bike path of death too.

Weekly Summary.

Week 2 in the bank and feeling pretty good.  Only struggle is swimming – actually the problem is sleep, how to get enough sleep and still get up for drive across town.  Hmm, need to think more on this one.

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