Sunday, October 30, 2016

IM New Zealand - 19 Weeks Out

A really solid run week done and done.  Some running every day (although some pretty short and light) for 7 days straight.  All in all it went really well.  I hit every session and got through it feeling tired and sore but in a good way.  No niggles, pulls or tears, just good clean work induced DOMs.

Anyway the week culminated in two quite different days.

Saturday was high intensity day and it was all about a 5km time trial at the Chelsea Park Run.  The instructions from my coach were pretty simple, smash myself.  Ok, put this in perspective, I'm not a fast runner, my best time this year is a little over 24:30 for the 5km, my best ever is 23:25.  My goal is to beat this before New Zealand in Mar 2017.  Well I got stuck in a slow pack at the start and wasted a lot of energy dodging and passing.  After the first km I was out in the open and free and accelerated.  Three km in and I wasnt far off doing an all time PB.  I need to be under 4:40km's and Im close but I had nothing more, my heart rate hit 175 which is pretty much my max and a sign that my speed is only going one way now.  Sure enough km 4 saw my pace drop slightly while my heart rate hovered between 173 and 175.  But this is where impressed myself, I was determined to at least get a 2016 PB and drove on.  I couldnt look at my watch at the time but reviewing the data I now know I pushed my heartrate to 180, the last km was my fastest and I did indeed record my fastest 5km run for the year.  

Sunday was as different as a day could be after Saturdays high intensity smashfest.  Sunday was a three hour powerwalk.  This is a new thing for my training and I'm really enjoying this kind of work.  Not least because I get to combine training and photography which is super cool.  I havent processed my good photos from the day yet but even the phone shots are looking ok.

I am developing a love hate relationship with my weight vest though.  I hate it pretty much all the time and love dropping it in the car when the slog is done and dusted.  Still my legs are looking more like legs and less like gigantic sausages so the vest is doing its job.  Anyway the power walk was, all in all uneventful, nothing flat so 90 minutes going down and 90 minutes going up.  There was a fair bit of wildlife though, a couple of wallabies, a wombat, a lyrebird, a billion mosquitos and a leech that attached itself under my watch and I only discovered after I accidently squashed it resulting in a hand covered in blood and 5 seconds of thinking I was going to die.

So with that behind me another week of training in the bank, solid numbers coming up and I'm feeling good.

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